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      存原漿酒的容器—---酒海,有著近千年的歷史。它是用產自秦嶺山脈 中的荊條編成的大簍,內壁以血料、石灰等作為粘合劑糊以上百層麻茍紙和白棉布,后用蛋清、蜂蠟、熟菜子油等以一定比例涂擦、晾干而成,每個可儲酒 5到 6噸,這種閃耀著先民們勤勞智慧的貯酒容器,稱為"大酒海"。特殊的制作工藝,使酒海呈現出一個神奇的現象:"裝酒滴酒不漏,裝水揮失殆盡"。酒海存量大,酒耗小,又利于酒的熟化,適于長期貯存,是世界釀酒行業傳統儲存單體大的容器。

      The container for storing raw liquor - the Wine Sea - has a history of nearly a thousand years. It is a large basket woven from thorns produced in the Qinling Mountains, with blood and lime as adhesives on the inner wall to paste over a hundred layers of hemp paper and white cotton cloth. It is then wiped and dried in a certain proportion with egg white, beeswax, cooked vegetable oil, etc. Each can store 5 to 6 tons of wine. This kind of storage container that shines with the hard work and wisdom of the ancestors is called the "Great Wine Sea". The special production process has created a magical phenomenon in the wine sea: "The wine does not leak when filled, and the water is almost lost when filled.". The wine sea has a large stock, low alcohol consumption, and is conducive to the maturation of wine, making it suitable for long-term storage. It is a traditional container with large storage cells in the world's brewing industry.


      原漿酒在"酒海"中陳化的過程也是其自身運動、自然老熟的過程。由于"酒海"制作材料及工藝的特殊性,在白酒貯存中發生的普通氧化還原反應、分子締合 反應、酯化反應等過程中,維持了獨特的 酸堿平衡,促進了乙醇和水分子的緊密結合;從"酒海"溶解到酒中的獨特香味及營養成分使白酒辛辣味大大減少,口感綿甜凈爽,回味悠長。而且"酒海"越老,貯存時間越長,品質越佳。

      The aging process of raw liquor in the "wine sea" is also a process of its own movement and natural aging. Due to the particularity of the production materials and process of "Jiuhai", the unique acid-base balance was maintained during the ordinary oxidation-reduction reaction, molecular association reaction, esterification reaction and other processes during the storage of Baijiu, and the close combination of ethanol and water molecules was promoted; The unique flavor and nutrients dissolved into Baijiu from the "wine sea" greatly reduce the spicy taste of liquor, and the taste is soft, sweet, clean and refreshing, with a long aftertaste. Moreover, the older the wine sea, the longer its storage time, and the better its quality.


      It is precisely because Guanzhong liquor adopts a unique "wine sea" storage method and special production methods that create the magical "breathing" of the wine sea. Through breathing, the wine in the sea of wine completes the complex process of removing impurities, aging and enhancing aroma, promoting the aging of the wine, and ensuring that the Guanzhong wine is rich and full-bodied, with a harmonious aroma, a smooth, sweet, refreshing and clean taste, and a long aftertaste


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