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      Don't use oak barrels to pack Baijiu, because red wine is loaded so that red wine can better absorb the aroma of oak barrels, and oak barrels have very good air permeability, which can give enough oxygen to red wine, while Baijiu will have the opposite effect, lack of air tightness, and a long time will lead to the oxidation and deterioration of Baijiu!


      What kind of barrel is good for storing Baijiu

      儲存白酒用陶壇較好,原因:陶壇用土制成,土中有大量的金屬離子,有利于酒的老熟;陶壇透氣性較好,酒在儲存過程 中是需要 呼吸的,利于排出酒中雜味;陶壇用土制成,中間有大量的孔,這些孔可以存儲酒液,下次存酒時有利于酒體交換,類似于組合過程。


      Pottery jars are better for storing Baijiu. The reason is that pottery jars are made of soil, which contains a large number of metal ions, which is conducive to the aging of liquor; Ceramic jars have good air permeability, and wine needs to be breathed during storage, which is conducive to removing impurities from the wine; The pottery jar is made of soil and has a large number of holes in the middle, which can store the liquor. The next time the liquor is stored, it is beneficial for the exchange of the liquor, similar to a combination process.


      What's the Use of Oak Barreled Baijiu


      Oak barrels are generally used to store wine, mainly to increase the alcohol content of the wine! I have never heard of storing Baijiu! At present, the best containers for storing Baijiu should be pottery jars. Such containers have good air permeability. They contain a variety of metal oxides that dissolve in liquor during storage, which can promote the aging of liquor to a certain extent. In addition, pottery jar containers are produced in various regions with lower costs. However, ceramic jar storage containers also have certain drawbacks, such as being prone to damage, weak mechanical strength and shock resistance, and being prone to internal cracks. Poor quality jars often experience leakage, causing losses.