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      The fully automatic stubble drying machine completes the processes of spreading, adding slurry, adding yeast, mixing, and unloading in one go. This machine is equipped with multiple axial flow fans, and the air volume is adjusted to lower the high-temperature cool stubble to the specified temperature during transportation. The spreading effect is good, and multiple mixing equipment is set up during the spreading process to make the stubble loose and not easy to clump. The addition of slurry and the addition of yeast are uniform, and the quantity can be adjusted. Through the equipment, the slurry, yeast powder, and Mix the grain stubble evenly.


      After the workers shovel the leftover scraps into the machine, they actively add oil and water until the temperature is suitable, and actively discharge the materials. The scraps that are missed from the drying mesh belt directly fall into the planned stainless steel box of the machine. After sorting, they are fully utilized in the pool, which is easy to sort and eliminates waste and environmental pollution.


      The structural composition of the fully automatic stubble drying machine:


      1. It mainly consists of a frame, a fan, a conveyor belt, and a stirring cage, a feeding rod, a flipping rod, a feeding equipment, and a discharge pipe that are sequentially connected to the conveyor belt



      2. The fan is fixed on the frame at the side end of the conveyor belt and is equipped with at least three units. The feeding equipment consists of a feeding hopper and a feeding roller fixedly connected to the lower part of the feeding hopper. The frame is equipped with baffles higher than both sides of the conveyor belt conveyor line.


      3. When in use, the wine stubble passes through the conveyor belt and is operated by a fan during crushing and mixing, which quickly cools down. The cooled wine stubble is actively mixed evenly with the wine yeast in the feeding equipment.


      4. The utility model fully active stubble cutting machine improves the cooling effect, reduces power consumption, handles the self accumulation blockage phenomenon of existing equipment, and completes the active mixing of wine stubble and wine yeast.


      Before installation, there is no need for any preparation work on the workshop floor. It can also be used on the go as needed. Compared with traditional processes, it greatly reduces labor intensity, shortens time, and the whole machine is equipped with less power, shorter operation time, saves energy, and has a better cooling effect, achieving mechanical proactivity.


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